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Just wanted to give a big thanks to all of you who are helping the Food Shuttle fight hunger in the Greater Triangle by Planting A Row for the Hungry. Our numbers are way up over last year and  we are hearing the PAR chatter in the community and over the twitters and facebooks. So far this season, PARticipants have donated close to 10,000 pounds! That’s 10,000 pounds of fresh, nutritious food that we deliver to children, seniors and families throughout the Greater Triangle. And we know you’re not done yet-the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are coming on strong! Remember, it’s easy to donate. Just bring your produce to any of our convenient drop-off locations!

But wait, there’s more! You know our good friends at Logan’s Trading Co. are huge supporters of Plant A Row for the Hungry. Well, this Saturday, July 31,  they are having Veggie Day celebration! There will be a lot of great activities, veggie tastings, recipes contest and a panel discussion on gardening. Oh, and all seeds will be discounted too. A perfect day for PARticipants*.

Keep the fresh fruits and veggies coming and we’ll see you Saturday!

*We hope our PAR Puns are growing on you!


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We know it’s easy to get caught up in summertime activities, but Plant A Row for the Hungry is a simply way to give back to your community through your summer harvest! While you’re at the beach soaking up rays, or enjoying a neighborhood cook out you can still be fighting hunger in your backyard with your growing garden! Surplus veggies from your garden can be dropped off at locations across the Triangle, and Inter-Faith Food Shuttle will take your home-grown food to people in need. Whether it is 2 tomatoes or a bushel of corn– every bit helps feed hungry stomachs in the Greater Triangle.

Watch the video below to see what the IFFS team does when the garden is overrun by extra veggies!

Encourage your fellow green thumbs to donate produce to the Food Shuttle- becoming a PAR member is quite easy!  Simply contact Don (don@foodshuttle.org) to get started.

Do your part to help fight hunger; lets cultivate a culture of giving in the Triangle!

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Local Bed and Breakfast owners Gary Jurkiewicz and his wife, Doris, have recently joined the Plant A Row for the Hungry program. Using non-traditional methods in his garden, Gary has employed worms to help him make all natural fertilizer. At the Oakwood Inn, not only can you find a historic building but also worms hard at work!

Learning about the PAR program at the Logan’s kickoff event at the end of March and also through his neighbor, Sharon O’Neil, Gary converted his simple flower garden to a fruit and vegetable garden nearly two months ago. Looking out for the environment and his guests at the Inn, Gary mentions “the Inn has always [been a part] of the green movement and sustainability- even before we took over in 2001- and we also wanted a home grown garden for our guests.” Growing strawberries, carrots, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, and turnips (when the squirrels don’t get them!!), Gary grows crops for himself and his guests, but also for those in need. An herb garden, pomegranate tree, and peach trees also add to Gary’s garden; raspberries are soon to come!

Utilizing a drip irrigation system, which saves water, the fruits and vegetables are also nourished by a natural fertilizer known as worm castings- or worm manure, if you will. Converting trash into natural fertilizer, only organic products can be used in the worm containers, no dairy products or meat,

“…you look at your garbage in a different way- this is what Mother Nature normally does,” Gary said.

With no chemical runoff, Gary uses a simple pH meter to test his soil for acidity. The combination of natural fertilizer with the drip irrigation system ensures that Gary’s crops are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also produced in a careful manner. “It’s been a trial and error run so far…” Gary mentioned, but by and large, his garden is flourishing! Many thanks to Gary and Doris Jurkiewicz for their hard work and dedication to the PAR program!

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Across the street from Keller Williams Realty in Cary, a group of folks  began to construct Cary’s Pocket Community Garden last Thursday as part of Keller Williams RED (Renew, Energize and Donate) Day of service initiative to improve local communities. Cary’s Pocket Community Garden has a dedicated area in the garden to grow produce and donate it to our Plant A Row for the Hungry program! A few Food Shuttle staffers stopped by the build day to see how the garden was coming along. The volunteers were enthusiastic about the garden and were hard at work building beds and moving mulch. Check out the photos below!

We’ll have an update on Cary’s Pocket Community Garden later on in the growing season. If you have a backyard garden or a community garden, you can become a Plant A Row for the Hungry member too! Email don@foodshuttle.org to fill out a membership form and start growing produce for neighbors in need.

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Jeremiah helping Gov. Bev Perdue plant bean seeds.

Last week Governor Bev Perdue joined the Food Shuttle and Logan’s Trading Company once again and pledged her commitment to the Plant a Row for the Hungry campaign! This spring she is growing what is called the “three sisters crops”: corn, beans and squash at the Executive Mansion!  

Gov. Perdue recruited the aid of Jeremiah Logan, Leslie Logan’s son of Logan’s Trading Company, to help her plant the PAR garden. He got a few hours break from school to help the governor! What a lucky kid! 

Amanda and Sun helping plant corn.

After the two of them planted a few corn plants, the governor asked Food Shuttle and Logan’s onlookers to help her out. Sun and Amanda gladly stepped in to help plant a few corn seedlings. 

The governor says she’s involved in PAR, because she realizes the importance for fresh crops and food for everyone in North Carolina, and ended the day with one final appeal, that we at the Food Shuttle all agree with: 

Please, North Carolina, step up and Plant a Row for the Hungry!” 

Gov. Perdue with Logan's Trading Company, the Garden Writers Association, and Inter-Faith Food Shuttle representatives.

The Food Shuttle was so excited about the event, we were Tweeting and “Twitpic”ing the afternoon away. To add onto the excitement, the governor’s own communication director blogged about the day! 

To see more about the Governor’s PAR garden, watch this story from News 14 Carolina. 

If you want to stop by her PAR garden while you’re in downtown Raleigh, you can visit it on the corner of Person St. and Jones St. 

The governor's planted PAR garden on the corner of Person and Jones.

If you’re interested in joining the Plant a Row for the Hungry campaign by starting your own PAR row in your garden, click here for more information on how to join!

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You can put your roots down with the Food Shuttle, too! Become a PAR member by emailing Katherine Andrew, katherine@foodshuttle.org. Surplus fruits and vegetables from your garden can be used to feed our hungry neighbors. The PAR program makes it easy for neighbors to help neighbors!

For those of you who have already signed up for PAR, we’d love to see how your garden is growing! Send us your pictures and videos as your veggies and fruit are growing and we’ll feature it on the blog. Email the Communication Dept: jason@foodshuttle.org or cece@foodshuttle.org

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Take a look at these pictures from Andy Beal at the Plant A Row for the Hungry Kick-Off last Saturday at Logan’s! You can view the rest of the pictures from Andy here.

Sun Butler on air with WPTF

Logan's Trading Co. made it easy for people to become PAR members!

Mayor Charles Meeker shops for plants at Logan's

Gardening class with Chris at the Kick-Off

Signing up to Plant A Row for the Hungry!

Mayor Meeker on WPTF

More folks asking about donating surplus produce to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle!


New PAR members wait in line for a free starter kit from Logan's!

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