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We need YOUR vote to win support for a teaching and production farm in Carborro, NC!

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle has teamed up with Triangle Land Conservancy for a national contest to win a grant to develop a farm site. The organic farm would grow produce for men, women and children who cannot feed themselves in the Greater Triangle. Support our idea to have a sustainable agriculture in Carborro and alleviate hunger.

How can you help IFFS win the grant money?

Well, we’re glad you asked! You can help by clicking this link to vote and passing the link on to your network of friends and family! To be considered for the Nature’s Path $50,000 Gardens For Good Grant Contest, the Food Shuttle must be in the Top 5 by June 15th based on public’s voting. After June 10th, Nature’s Path will choose the 2 winners out of the Top 5.

Now you know the contest details, VOTE VOTE VOTE!

If you are having problems voting…read the instructions below:

If you are having problems voting online for the grant for the TLC/Food Shuttle Healthy Choices Farm, or if you are voting for the first time, please follow these new instructions…
1. Open your Firefox or Chrome browser, or any browser besides Internet Explorer (no surprise).
2. Paste this link http://www.justmeans.com/contestidea?ideaid=NDg4 into the browser link at the top of the page.
3. When the Food Shuttle/TLC Idea page comes up, click on the red Vote button on the right side of the page.
4. Fill in the requested information on the application page and submit it.
5. You will have an email link waiting in the in box of the email address you put on the application. Click on it. You have just voted for the Food Shuttle/TLC Healthy Choices Farm!
6. Please email these instructions to anyone you know. We still need votes to stay in the running!

Thank you for supporting the Inter Faith Food Shuttle’s Farm & Garden program!


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Every Wednesday at noon, folks meet up at Farmhouse Pizza on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh to mingle, eat lunch together and discuss topics surrounding local foods and agriculture. What’s so special about it? The Communication Dept. at the Food Shuttle went out last week to add a little compost to the fields of our minds. And boy the ideas are sprouting now! We can’t wait to get back to another Crop Circle lunch and here’s our 5 reasons why you should, too!

1. The People– On any given week, a new group of folks show up! You may end up meeting backyard gardeners, NC State professors, local food activists or brand new gardeners. Every week is a pleasant surprise!

2. The Food- Who doesn’t love a good pizza and salad midway through the week? Farmhouse Pizza cooks up a delicious pizza for Crop Circle attendees. $5 for pizza, salad and a drink is quite a deal!

3. The Conversation– Where else can you learn about the best cover crops for your garden from experts in soil science at NC State or discuss ways to engage the community in finding ways to build sustainable food systems? Each week a different topic is discussed, and everyone’s opinion and ideas are welcome!

4. The Cause– The $5 suggested donation for lunch goes right back to the Food Shuttle’s hunger relief efforts!

5. The Steven Horton– Yes, the man himself attends and organizes each Crop Circle. Every week you can get time with IFFS Farm Assistant, Crop Mobber and The Worm Doctor.

See you on Wednesdays at noon for the Crop Circle!

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You might remember back in November when Will Allen gave a lecture at the CEFS event on sustainable agriculture at the McKimmon Center. Well, now Will Allen, founder and CEO of Growing Power, Inc., is coming back to Raleigh on April 5 and 6 to hold urban farming workshops for students at Longview High School, and kick off Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Community Garden at Alliance Medical Ministry! Here’s a video about Will Allen and his work with youth and communities for urban agriculture.

On Monday and Tuesday, Will Allen will teach workshops to local students from Longview High School about urban agriculture. Topics will include urban farming, vermiculture composting and intensive gardening. His work with local foods and urban agriculture has inspired communities and organizations across the country and we are thrilled to have him join us in Raleigh on Monday to work with the Longview students!

Kick-Off and Reception Details for Community Garden at Alliance Medical Ministry

  • April 6, 2010 from 6-8pm
  • Will Allen will speak at the kick-off and answer questions for area students and those interested in urban agriculture.
  • Food for the reception will be provided by Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Catering With A Cause.
  • The kick-off and reception is free and open to those who RSVP by emailing cece@foodshuttle.org or call 919-250-0043

Find out more about Alliance Medical Ministry here.

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Film Feastival

Here at the Food Shuttle we’re really excited about an event that is coming up on Tuesday, March 9—the 3rd Annual Film ‘Feast’ival!


At the Feastival you will watch the film FRESH, the Movie, and enjoy a panel discussion with our very own Katherine Andrew and the Joel Salatin, lecturer, author, and owner of the holistic Polyface Farm!


The theme of the night will focus on “Nutrition from the Ground Up,” which is something that we really understand and support. Through both the film and discussion with Joel Salatin, as an audience member you will have the opportunity to examine where our food comes from and consider a new way of thinking about what we are eating; much like what we aim to do with our farm and community gardens!


Not only is the Feastival an exciting and fun night of learning, but also all proceeds from the evening will benefit the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and our Nutrition, Farms and Community Gardens Project!


For more information about tickets, visit the Film Feastival Blog, by clicking here: http://filmfeastival.blogspot.com/


We’d finally like to thank the following organizations for hosting the event: the Durham-Chapel Hill and Raleigh District Dietetic Associations, Slow Food Triangle, and
Meredith College Master of Science in Nutrition Program.

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Western Wake Farmers’ Market is no stranger to the Food Shuttle. Remember the Thanksgiving Food Drive they hosted earlier this year? Well, some great folks from Western Wake Farmers’ Market came out to the Food Shuttle more recently and wrote this excellent post on their website. Michele McKinley kindly let us re-post it here. Enjoy!

Partnering with the Food Shuttle to Fight Hunger Locally

by Michele McKinley

Last week, several members of the Western Wake Farmers’ Market team toured the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (IFFS) in Raleigh to learn more about its programs and see how the farmers’ market and our community can do more to help feed those in need.

After spending just about an hour there, we had a very good sense of the amazing work the staff and about 1,000 volunteers are doing there, not to mention the tremendous need. The IFFS received –and distributed—6 million pounds of donated food last year, according to Katherine Andrew, MPH, RD, LDN, who serves as Director of Nutrition for IFFS. (Katherine is photographed with young tour particpants.) The Food Shuttle is one of seven food banks in our state, and it serves seven counties. In Wake County alone, more than 67,000 are living in poverty and unable to feed themselves healthy food.

Focus on Fresh, Healthy Foods
IFFS is different from other foods banks in that it specializes in perishable food items, such as fruits and vegetables, breads, baked goods and eggs. Katherine estimates that about 80 percent of its donations are perishables because the organization’s focus is on recovering nutritious foods and getting it to those who need it. With the annual value of lost food (food waste) estimated at some $31 billion, food “recovery” is a priority for the Food Shuttle. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 49 million people could be fed by those lost food resources.

The IFFS warehouse is fairly small compared to other food banks because many foods donated do not return to the warehouse. Rather, they are picked up and then distributed that same day to the agencies the Food Shuttle works with, such as shelters, food pantries, community centers and children’s after school programs. IFFS picks up and delivers foods 6 days a week, and has 11 refrigerated trucks to facilitate that work. Among those donating perishable foods are local grocery stores, restaurants and farmers’ markets like WWFM. Non-perishable foods are also donated through food drives, such as the one our market held in the fall.

Programs to Feed and Educate
IFFS runs a growing number of programs to meet the growing demand for food assistance. Among its many programs are:
1) Backpack Buddies: serving some 700 children, backpacks filled with 6 meals and 2 healthy snacks are sent home with kids on Friday so they will have food to eat over the weekend.
2) Culinary Job Training Program: an intensive 11-week program for the under- and unemployed to train them in basic cooking skills, as well as practicing for interviews and writing resumes.
3) Operation Frontline: in partnership with Share our Strength, 4- to 6-week cooking classes that emphasize preparing healthy meals.
4) Farm and Community Gardens: a garden on-site, a farm on Tryon Rd. and two community gardens are underway to provide local access to nutritious foods and education about the economic and health benefits of growing your own food.

Behind the Scenes
Western Wake Farmers’ Market organizers will work with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle staff over the winter to see how we can expand our market’s donations and increase our community’s involvement during the 2010 market season.

In the meantime, spend a few minutes exploring the Food Shuttle’s web site and its blogs, and become a fan on its Facebook page for updates and information about the many ways our community can help.

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Bob Dylan and farming don’t  typically fall in the same category. But for today, instead of talking  about progress at the Food Shuttle farm, we wanted to invite the readers of our Farms and Community Gardens Project blog to a Food Shuttle event October 13th.


Bob Dylan’s new album- Christmas in the Heart is coming out on October 13th, and we are having a Listening Party for the album’s release at Boylan Bridge Brewpub in Raleigh that night. We’ll listen to the new album, but also play other Dylan favorites. We would love get to know you and your friends at the party! See you there!

Bob Dylan Oct 13 flier

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Welcome to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Farms and Community Gardens blog!

Thanks for coming and we hope that this blog will be a resource for you to learn about what’s going on at the Farm and Community Gardens, and see the benefits of having local fresh food accessible for all community members.

What you will find regularly on the blog:

  • Updates from our Farm Educator/Manager, Sun Butler
  • Volunteer spotlights
  • Community Gardens information, events and updates
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Special event information

If this is the first time you’ve heard of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle or you want to know more about how we fight hunger, go to our website: www.foodshuttle.org

For a look at the Farm and an update from our Farm Educator/Manager,Sun Butler, check out this video:

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