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Inventor of The Garden Edge tool, Chris Martin, contacted the Food Shuttle after reading the recent N&O article mentioning our community gardens. Chris wanted to donate a few of his multipurpose gardening tools to help us maintain our community gardens! Last week Chris stopped by our community garden at Alliance Medical Ministry to demonstrate how The Garden Edge tool can cut down weeding time! Check out the pictures below from his visit.

Many thanks to Chris for donating the useful tools! Watch this video from Chris to see why he chose to donate The Garden Edge to the Food Shuttle:


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In case you missed it yesterday, check out this article on Raleigh’s community gardens scene from the North Raleigh News!

Emphasizing Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s 3 community gardens in low-income neighborhoods in Raleigh, the article discusses how neighborhoods and organizations are growing fresh produce for the hungry and teaching folks how to garden.

Click the link below to read the article in its entirety:


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By: Elizabeth Stahl, IFFS Communication Intern

Continuing to expand my knowledge of Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, I learned food banks and food rescue organizations are quite similar. As you may remember from my previous blog post, I have a connection to MANNA Food Bank which works hand-in-hand with the Plant A Row program and community distribution programs.  So not only does food banking accumulate warehouse goods, but they also work with fresh produce for different agencies.  Food rescue organizations, like the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, deal with food rescue and garden-fresh produce as well as distribution around the community.  Both organizations are dedicated to fighting hunger!

Recently I ventured to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle farm and learned about the organic farming methods they employ.  Not only is Steven Horton, assistant farm manager, hard at work on the farm but chickens and worms put in their fair share as well! Known as the official “worm doctor,” Steven is dedicated to making the farm successful, “I’d like to educate more people on our growing methods a lot of people think that organic farming is like going back to the 18th century, and it’s not.” Employing worms to create nutritious, rich fertilizer, utilizing worm-castings ensures delicious vegetables!

After a morning of hard work, I put the “worm doctor” to the test and asked him a few questions.

1. If you could be any vegetable which one would you be and why?

-I would be a bean because they are the most pervasive they will climb up anything and take over anything.

2. What is one type of food you simply could not live without?

-Any kind of berry– strawberries, blackberries, and mulberries- they grow in the wild and are easy to pick.

3. Is there anything other than working on the farm that you do to fight hunger?

­-I work with Crop Mob, an organization of young farmers that wanted to help each other.  They meet and work during the day and then share a meal together, all on sustainable farms.  I also read about farming and new farming methods.

4. Which is more important: the chickens or the worms?

-The worms because they provide really high quality, organic fertilizer they helps make the soil healthy for years to come.  They can feed the chickens and the hungry!  They make growing plants a lot easier!

5. What is something you are most proud of?

-I am proud of where I am at now in my life.  I am proud that I have an open mind and respect my own beliefs but at the same time being open to others beliefs.

8. What is the most important meal of the day and why?

-Breakfast because it keeps you going until lunch!

9. What is something you wish more people did?

-Stop complaining and start doing! 

Special thanks to Steven and his hard work on the farm!  Without his dedication, the farm would not be able to provide seeding transplants for other IFFS farms or grow nutritious produce for the IFFS agencies!  Look for more Friday Full of Fun next week!

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You might remember back in November when Will Allen gave a lecture at the CEFS event on sustainable agriculture at the McKimmon Center. Well, now Will Allen, founder and CEO of Growing Power, Inc., is coming back to Raleigh on April 5 and 6 to hold urban farming workshops for students at Longview High School, and kick off Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Community Garden at Alliance Medical Ministry! Here’s a video about Will Allen and his work with youth and communities for urban agriculture.

On Monday and Tuesday, Will Allen will teach workshops to local students from Longview High School about urban agriculture. Topics will include urban farming, vermiculture composting and intensive gardening. His work with local foods and urban agriculture has inspired communities and organizations across the country and we are thrilled to have him join us in Raleigh on Monday to work with the Longview students!

Kick-Off and Reception Details for Community Garden at Alliance Medical Ministry

  • April 6, 2010 from 6-8pm
  • Will Allen will speak at the kick-off and answer questions for area students and those interested in urban agriculture.
  • Food for the reception will be provided by Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Catering With A Cause.
  • The kick-off and reception is free and open to those who RSVP by emailing cece@foodshuttle.org or call 919-250-0043

Find out more about Alliance Medical Ministry here.

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Check out this awesome video of the kids at the Mayview Community Garden doing a rap!

Also, here are some pictures of volunteers and kids from Mayview picking greens, playing with worms, and enjoying time together in the community garden on a nice spring day. Thanks to NC State student and Food Shuttle volunteer photographer, Graham Bruns, for taking the pictures!



View the rest of Graham’s pictures from Mayview Community Garden.

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Hi, I’m Julia. I am a communication intern with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and have written a few blog posts on the Behind the Scenes blog about my first-hand experiences with the Food Shuttle! One of those experiences recently involved the Farm and Gardens crew. The work we did is more behind the scenes-type work, that you might not know about, and may give you a glimpse into what it takes in preparing for a new community garden opening.

I spent my afternoon with them by helping canvass the surrounding neighborhoods for the new garden site out at Alliance Medical Ministry in Raleigh. We went to speak with residents in the surrounding neighborhoods to ask about their interest in the gardens and inviting them to a community forum that the Food Shuttle was holding on at Alliance Medical.

At the homes I went to while we were canvassing, everyone seemed really interested in the garden and what it could bring to their community! A lot of the people who I talked to were excited to have a garden in their community and were looking forward to seeing it bring the community together in a healthy way.

According to Sun Butler: The community garden at Alliance Medical Ministries holds great promise and will be a focal point for increasing awareness about the importance of good nutrition and fresh local produce in our diets. If you would like to volunteer, the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Alliance Community Garden will be a rewarding and exciting experience!

Canvassing itself was a unique experience, because it’s not very common anymore. I enjoyed being able to use my outgoing, friendly personality and interpersonal communication skills (I’m glad my major at NC State is being put to good use!) to greet these people and tell them about the Food Shuttle and our new garden. I also enjoyed spending a warm sunny afternoon with Amanda and getting to know her better! If you haven’t met her yet, I highly recommend coming out to one of the Gardens on a Friday or Saturday and volunteering at a crew call and meeting her there!

The Alliance Medical Community Garden is now our 3rd community garden! We are really excited to get things going out there so that you have more opportunities to work at crew calls! Keep an eye out for updates on the Alliance Medical Community Garden!

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On April 17th from 9:00am-12:30pm, you’re invited to join Advocates for Health in Action for an exciting event on how to build, maintain and sustain a community garden! The event is free and will be held at Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle will be there (Sun and Amanda are presenting!), community garden experts will have educational booths, and garden tours will be given that afternoon (including a visit to a Food Shuttle community garden).


Space is limited, so reserve your spot by clicking on this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/communitygardensummit

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