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Last year was very productive on the farm, but now it’s time to look towards the year ahead. Although it is January there are still several projects going on at the farm. We have three new worm boxes in the greenhouse so we have moved all of the vermicompost operations. Since its nice and worm (pun intended) inside the greenhouse, our vermicompost temperatures have remained above 40 degrees F.

These worms are helping us making compost for 2011

In early January’s cold snap when temperatures were in the low teens, many of our greens could not make it in the field even with frost guard cloth. The heavy snow fall and fast melt was good for the remaining greens. During February and March we will be working to get the field planted for spring.

In the greenhouse we are filling up trays of lettuce seed and getting them started. Some of the lettuce is up to 3 inches tall and between 3-6 weeks old. We will start hardening the larger ones off and planting them in the field as spring approaches.

I am really excited about chickens this year. We are going to have 2 flocks (I don’t know what breeds yet) and we are starting a selective breeding program. If anyone knows of any free construction materials for a large mobile chicken tractor, let me know.




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